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Whether a single piece or a million-copy run, we consider packaging to be a product in and of itself. From human to machine power, every step of the process is tailor-made.


1 to 1 000 000


There’s nothing like images to help visualize the realm of what’s possible. You’ll see even more in our showrooms.


FPM is continuously implementing its research and development into both human and machine power.



FPM is continuously implementing
its research and development
into both human and machine power.

Performance, repeatability, speed, precision. Automation is crucial in large-scale batches. This is the epitome of our craftsmanship brought to life on an industrial scale. It all begins with handiwork. Machines extend, support, and accelerate the hand's reach. Tried and tested in both Europe and Asia, they’re customized to adapt to every specification of the packaging they create.

Tout part du geste de la main. La machine prolonge, renforce et accélère.

Éprouvée en Europe et en Asie, sa mise en place est sur-mesure, pour s’adapter aux particularités du packaging à fabriquer.


Luxurious packaging starts with the materials.

Texture, quality, uniformity, reliability, traceability. Each workshop is consciously selective with its materials. They source locally and responsibly to reduce environmental impact. Creative minds can look at material and see a field of new possibilities amid a range of transformations.


Eco-design reconsiders packaging through and through to minimize its impact throughout the product’s life cycle. From design to durability through production, every step in the decision-making process aims to achieve the best for the least. This equation shifts all the time; with an eye on the entire value chain, research & development are constantly on the lookout for the most eco-friendly solution while preserving the luxury look and feel of our packaging.


Do you have questions or want to discuss a project? Reach out to us – we want to share our know-how with everyone.